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Aggression Problem?

Dog aggression is a serious problem that requires skill and expertise to solve. Jeff has years of experience humanely treating all forms of dog aggression.

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Need Puppy Training?

You can start training as early as 7 weeks and effectively train your puppy. Have a confident, well-adjusted member of the family with Jeff's expert instruction.

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Jeff is more than happy to speak with you about your dog training needs. Simply fill out the Dog Training Information Form and he will contact you when you specify.

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Want References?

"I would highly recommend Jeff Millman for all your dog training needs! Jeff has been working with Cooper, our Mini Australian Shepherd, since he was 8 weeks

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Read Jeff's Blog

Get a behind the scenes look at how a professional dog trainer makes it look so easy. Learn tips, suggestions and what not do do with your dog.

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Dog & Children?

Concerned about your dog and your children? Planning a family and don't know how your dog will respond? Jeff has first-hand experience helping dogs and children safely live together.

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Saturday, Oct 25 2014

Training Overview

Training Overview

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the training advice available today. If you are looking for one expert source, you can feel confident that my advice will be effective, logical and kind. I will also be respectful of both you and your dog. My advice is grounded in rigorous training with Jean Donaldson, one of the foremost dog trainers and theorists in the world. You can also feel confident of results. I will save you...

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Private Puppy Training

Private Puppy Training

Live in Chicago and have a new puppy? I can help you have that well adjusted puppy that you can take anywhere, is a joy to be around and grows into a wonderful, confident older dog. Puppies can start training as early as 7 weeks of age, and there are many time-sensitive topics that should be addressed as early as possible to avoid problems as your dog matures. I will help you prioritize your training schedule to ensure...

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Dog Aggression

Dog  Aggression

Dog aggression is a complex topic that requires experience and skill to address it successfully. I have years of experience in and around Chicago treating all forms of aggression and will show you specific strategies to help assess your dog's aggression and devise a treatment plan that you can use every day. I only recommend and use humane, non-physical techniques that are logical and effective. Whether the problems involve dog-to-dog aggression, or dog-to-people aggression I can help you and your dog.  Dog-to-Dog...

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Hey Jeff,My spirited llil puppy Archie is doing great. I actually thought about you right at new years as I was taking stock of things that were goig well and things I'm grateful for. Archie is a terrific dog and I know our work with you really got him off on a great start in life.  C.M., Chicago Hi Jeff, You worked with me, my husband Doug, and our Dachshund in December.  One of the things we have...

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Read Jeff's posts from Chicago Paws, Watch and Train and Examiner.com. Jeff is the National Dog Training Examiner.

  • Do not ignore a well behaved dog

    When dogs are pushy and out of control, the most useful strategy is to shape the absence of the behavior. This is accomplished by rewarding behaviors that are appropriate and either ignoring or using timeouts for behaviors that are not...

  • Prioritize your puppy training

    Training a puppy can seem overwhelming. There are so many tasks that can be worked on with your new pup including house training, crate training, puppy biting, leash walking, jumping, come when called and the list goes on and on...

  • What to do if your dog eats poop

    When animals eat feces it is called coprophagia. While it is unbelievably disgusting to us, it is not that uncommon in the animal kingdom. Nursing canine mothers will lick their young puppies to activate the reflex to defecate. In doing...

  • The most challenging part of owning a dog

    While there are many possible answers to this question, most people would agree that the time that dogs require is the most challenging part of owning a dog. How much time do dogs require?I recommend that clients start...

  • Are Golden Retrievers Ever Aggressive?

    Yesterday I was in an elevator with two of my client's dogs. Two siblings; 5-year-old Golden Retrievers, one male and one female. My client hired me to work with them because the male had been growling...

  • Keep your aggressive dog under control

    Your dog is aggressive. I get it. More than half of my caseload as a professional dog trainer is to help rehabilitate aggressive dogs. Often it is overwhelming to know where to start or how to solve the problem.Before...


Aggression Posts

I don't agree with Cesar Millan's treatment of dogs. Watch this.
Frequently I get comments from clients about Cesar Millan, aka "The Dog Whisperer". I try and control myself, but I often visibly flinch when I hear that they follow his techniques. While I don't know...
Shy puppy now? Aggressive dog later?
The puppy class is loud with barking puppies jumping and bouncing happily over the padded floor. All the puppies are about the same age, but you can already tell that some are bound to be much bigger ...
Choke chains and other mistakes when working with dog aggression
I have tremendous success with my aggression cases and have been helping dogs overcome aggression since 2002. There are strategies that you can use that can make the situation worse.I want you to av...
Should you use alpha rolls? No.
When I am working with my clients, I focus on determining what strategies are most effective with each individual dog. I have found certain techniques to be extremely effective and I also see mistakes...
Losing your cool with your dog is never cool
I saw something horrifying on Tuesday. I was working with two of my fantastic clients and their Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. I was hired to help McIntire with a bit of fear around men, hand shyness, an...

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