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Dog housetraining regressions?

Having housetraining regressions with a dog that was previously housetrained?

Here are some quick housetraining tips that can help get your dog back on track. 

Assuming your dog is not having issues with separation anxiety, you should try a few things that can solve housetraining problems.   

  • Manage your dog better so he is not alone in areas that he is having accidents, or even go back to using a crate.
  • Reward him with outstanding treats for going potty in the correct location.
  • Rule out a bladder infection. Signs include having to urinate many times during the day and looking like he has to go but nothing actually materializing.
  • Simply watch your dog more closely. Sometimes changes in work schedule, time of year (shorter walks during the winter, for instance) can cause changes in potty routines. 
  • Monitor his water intake. Some dogs drink a lot more water than they actually need. If he is having urination problems, limit his water intake. 
  • Look at the food and treats you are using. If you are feeding salty food or treats, this might cause more water intake, causing problems. 

Often the easiest change can make the most difference. Most adult dogs stopped getting treats a long time ago. Start giving treats again for every successful housetraining trip. A well-timed slice of dried chicken or other yummy treat can often solve the problem and motivate your pooch to go potty in the correct location. 


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