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Find time for dog training in your busy schedule

Everyone is busy. My wife and I have a wonderful new baby boy and it is challenging to find time to work with my dogs, satisfy all of my client's expectations and have time to breathe.

I am sure you are busy as well and can never find enough time to train your dog. Here are some tips to help you find the time.

  • Do short training sessions before EVERYTHING that your dog wants. Examples include walks, dinner, belly rubs, games of fetch.
  • Use what I call the Calorie Bowl. Portion out your dog's daily food including a few tasty treats and put it on the counter out of reach. Grab handfuls of it throughout the day and do quick training sessions. When the food is done, your dog is done eating for the day. No worries about overfeeding and it forces you to think about daily training.
  • Use Kongs to feed your dog. Extracting food out of Kongs is a great way to provide your dog with mental stimulation.
  • Have a favorite outside-only toy that your dog gets for good behavior on walks. Give it to him or her for a snappy behavior such as walking next to you for 20 steps. Then, take it away and ask for more of the behavior before your dog gets it back.
  • One of my favorites: put training sessions in your calendar. Everything else is scheduled, why not training? One of my private client's favorite things about our sessions is that it reminds them to do weekly training. If you schedule it, you will find the time!
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