Training Sessions Overview

I provide private dog training, dog park training, customized, in-home training, in and around Cary, NC. The private sessions might take place in your home, in the back yard, at the lakefront or at a dog park depending on the issues you would like to address.

Training Hours
I work around your busy schedule and am open every day except for Sundays and Mondays. Your appointment can start as early as 10am and late as 7pm. Here are the options that I offer for training.   

Closed: Sundays and Mondays
Hours: 10am - 7pm start times

Single Session (1 Hour)
Normally we'll spend a few minutes discussing strategies for the session before I begin. I'll then demonstrate and watch you and your dog work together on skills and methods to use on your own in future training sessions.

5 Hour Package (4, 75-minute Sessions)
These sessions may focus on general training or specific issues. One benefit of the 5-hour package are the detailed notes and training strategies tailored to your needs to keep as reference. At the beginning of each session, we'll confirm that your needs have remained the same, and then we will prioritize accordingly.

12 Session Stay-at-Home Training Package (12, 60-minute Sessions)
This is a convenient alternative to a board and train option. Designed for the dog guardian who wants the convenience of in-home training and the comfort of an expert handling your dog in one-on-one instruction. Once again, your puppy or older dog learns in the home, at the beach or park, wherever problems occur, but with this package you ensure that your dog experiences the appropriate follow-through and repetition necessary to secure new skills.

Pre-baby Planning Package
Many training and planning strategies exist to help families and dogs adjust to the arrival of a new baby. I can help you and your dog learn certain important skills before your baby arrives, along with sharing strategies to keep in mind when your dog and baby meet for the first time. 

New Dog Preparation/Consultation
In this two-session package I can help your family prepare for a new dog with discussions of care, feeding, housing and planning for your new addition to the family. In one visit I will provide a thorough sense of how to prepare your home and family for your dog, and in a visit after the puppy or older dog has arrived I will check on progress and help you troubleshoot in order to provide the best possible start for you and your dog. I will come for one visit before you get your dog and one visit after. We can also customize a package based on your needs.

Customized Classes
Do you have a few friends or neighbors with dogs that need some guidance? All you need to do is choose a backyard and get ready to learn. Minimum of two dogs and maximum of 5. I will customize the class based on your needs including handouts and homework.

Convenient and effective for those with busy schedules. Good for dogs that need practice around other dogs. Beginning to Advanced curriculums. Morning through evening availability.

I will help focus your efforts and put you on track to success. There are so many competing viewpoints that can overwhelm anyone that hasn't had the years of experience that I offer. I will provide humane, effective suggestions and walk you through the process. Choose 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions.

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